The Best Travel Company For The Solo Female Traveller

India is a top tourist destination because of its many natural & manmade wonders, the exotic, colorful foods & art and the weather. Holidays in India are perfect for solo travellers too as for the most part India is a safe place to travel through.

Special Holidays is the best tour company for the female solo traveller, Who offers a variety of perks to accommodate this rising trend, reducing or, in some cases, completely eliminating steep solo supplement that has traditionally associated solo bookings for the female traveller.
If you do feel nervous about travelling solo in India, then connect to the best travel company Special Holidays for female solo traveller that run group holidays to India. We provide an incredible all-in-one tour for a female solo traveller, you will really forget the worry about where to stay and how to book?

Services offered in India for the female solo traveller

The trips are carefully crafted experiences combining landscape, history, culture, local gastronomy, and shopping- all at a comfortable pace. The trips are thoroughly researched to ensure an authentic experience of each destination.

Special Holidays generally provide a group holiday for a female solo traveller, you’ll often be in a mixed group of friends, and singles or if you choose a specialist solo trip it will just be you and a whole bunch other single travellers.

These tours are always accompanied by a tour leader, usually a local, so you can feel safe in the knowledge they know their way around and the best places to visit. Not only will you have the safety of the company, but you will also most likely make new friends too.

On a group adventure, you have the company of like-minded individuals looking to share their experiences and also spend a little time alone. You can interact with your group as much or as little as you like.

The company also provide tour packages and trip planning services for solo women travellers that travel to India. It is a fun and safe way for a female traveller, to meet, and bond with other female travellers, passionate about exploring India.

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