Makar Sankranti : Important Festival of India

Indians see everything from a religious and holistic point of view and celebrate all the important functions, events, festivals and ceremonies with extreme devotion. This ideology and philosophy of celebrating all the festivals with lights and lamps, devotional music, prayers, and hymns date back to many centuries. Millions of Indians especially farmers and people living in remote parts of villages celebrate Makar Sankranti on January 14th every year with extreme pomp and splendor. This important and wonderful festival is dedicated to the Hindu sun god namely Surya. This day is also celebrated by farmers as a festival of harvest since only during the month of January the sugar cane and field harvest will be more. Families living in agricultural areas and rural segments buy new dresses and wear them during this important festival.

South Indians especially people living in Tamil Nadu celebrate this function in an extravagant way. Farmers will give the fresh lease of life to their old houses, wash and paint them, bath their animals and enrich their premises with rich amenities. Homemakers will wake-up early in the morning and do prayers to the sun god and other Hindu deities. On this important day all the family members, relatives, kiths, and kin will join together and have maximum fun in their homes. During this solar festival, agricultural production like paddy, sugarcane, rabri crops and other cash crops will be more. Farmers celebrate this occasion as “Thanks-giving day to Sun God.

South Indian Celebrate the Function in Grand Manner :

South Indian families will prepare delicious foods like Pongal, payasam, and other such spicy foods and serve them with happiness to their family members. Tamilians celebrate this festival as Pongal and enjoy it a lot. Makar Sankranti is not only famous and popular in southern parts of India but also extremely popular in West, East and Northern parts of India. Every state celebrates this grand festival in a unique and different manner even though the objective is the same. During this festival, the kids, children, and adults will fly colorful kites; engage themselves in cart races, boat races, conduct bonfires, collect pocket money and share sweets and good words. Researchers have confirmed that this holistic and religious function dates back to 2000 years old since there are references in the epic Mahabaratha.

Makar Sankranti enriches universal tolerances, brotherhood, relationships with others, love and affection and other important aspects of life. Millions of people living in India will take the holy dip in rivers and tributes like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, and Gangotri and wash away their sins. It is presumed that when a person takes a holistic dip in these waters the God will remove their sins once for all. During the function, people assemble at Prayaga confluence of the River Ganga and River Yamuna at the Kumbh Mela and take holy dips in these rivers where Saint Adi Sankar took the dip in them. Individuals and pilgrims those who like pilgrimage tours will visit hundreds of temples during this day and seek the blessing of God and the goddesses.

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