Hanuman Jayanti : A God of Strenght & Wisdom

The most praised and cherished demi God — especially in the time of crisis or emergency — is Lord Hanuman. It is pretty rational for a Hindu, howsoever taught he or she may be — to entreat the name of Hanuman whenever in difficulty, and submit Prasad to the deity as soon as the risk or terror has crossed.

Hanuman has never pretended to be a God, but declares himself the most dedicated and faithful servant of Ram, an avatar of Vishnu in the ‘Treta Yug’. Hanuman, as he is affectionately called by all Hindus, is not even assumed to be a human being, but a monkey who met Ram and Laxman while they were rummaging for Sita — the wife of Ram who had been abducted by Ravan, the King of Sri Lanka.

He most probably belonged to a tribe who looked like monkeys. After that, he converted to the biggest Bhakt of Ram and Sita. He is continually there with one who worships Ram and Sita. They say that a seat must always be prepared for him and kept empty in any place where ‘Ram Charitra Manas’ is being read or a collection of ‘Ram Bhakts’ gather to sing His appreciation.

He will hasten to support anyone who pleads to him sooner than any other God and is easily charmed or irritated. One has to be cautious and offer Prasad in his temple as soon as the request of the person is answered or he might get angry and send a monkey to recall one of the commitments made to him. The monkey may just hop on a tree or squat on a roof without hurting anyone, but it is true that if a monkey is giving special consideration to you, it means you have overlooked to offer Prasad in a Hanuman temple as contracted earlier.

Hanumanji was the principal lieutenant of Sugreev, a royalty who had been ousted by his adult brother Bali from Kishkunda from their territory, in the mistaken notion that Sugreev had commandeered the throne while Bali was struggling with a demon and consequently was far away from the kingdom for quite a while.

According to an understanding between the two brothers, Sugreev would scale the throne if Bali did not return after a specified period. Bali got late in arriving and found his brother on the authority. This infuriated him so much that rather of recognizing that it was his own mistake, he threw Sugreev out of the realm with some of the latter’s dedicated supporters. Bali also took Sugreev’s wife as one of his own.

Ram was sincerely very compassionate with Sugreev on learning of Bali having taken Sugreev’s wife as his own Sita had been taken by Ravan. They chose to wage a war with Bali, in which Ram killed Bali stealthily by hiding behind a tree and blasting an arrow when Bali’s back was inclined towards him.

Hanuman’s birth is a conundrum and no one exactly knows who his creator was. Of course, Anjani is his mother and she was the wife of Kesari and both were committed to Sugreev and existed in the jungles during Sugreev’s expulsion, but Hanumanji is described as Shankar Suvan (son of Shankar) or Vayu Putra (son of Vayu) or Shivji Himself in the appearance of Hanuman. He is even portrayed as Ram’s brother. There is constantly an underlying truth in all the myths concerning the Gods and demi-Gods and the Avatars and that is why they have endured the test of time and are as alive as they were when captured up.

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