Surajkund Mela – Where Craft Meet the Artist

A sprinkle of colors, cadence of drum beats and laughter merge at Surajkund in Faridabad, Haryana during the initial fortnight of each February. As every year, Surajkund Mela commences from February to celebrate the richness of Indian culture.

Holding a place of dignity on the foreign tourist calendar, more than a million visitants throng the Mela during the fortnight including thousands of foreign travelers. The Surajkund Mela is unprecedented as it showcases the copiousness and heterogeneity of the workmanship, handlooms and artistic fabric of India, & is the biggest crafts fair in the world.

The Mela is controlled by the Surajkund Mela Authority & Haryana Tourism in collaboration with Union Ministries, For the 31st Surajkund International Crafts Mela-2017, the state of Jharkhand has been appointed to be the Theme State. A concise 20 countries & all the states of India will be joining in the Mela.

A huge number of famous national and international community artists and influential group’s modern day appearances at both the Chaupals, the open-air theaters, established in the Mela premises. Also, enthralling educational evening programs are included at the main Chaupal during each of the Mela evenings. The Mela is certainly a keeper of the custom crafts requiring the use of conventional skills that are withering away due to inferior machine made copies, and a special section is reserved for showcasing of these legacy crafts.

It is immensely well-known for its ancient water storage, which is said to be created in 10th-century era through Tomar dynasty’s ruler Suraj Pal, who was a zealous worshipper of the sun. With the backdrop of Aravalli hills, this fair attracts tourist to explore more about the Haryana. Surajkund remains more flocked and crowded during the month of February.

The multi-cuisine Food Hall provides ethnic cookeries from all over the world, which is immensely famous with visitors. There are allocated places for amusement, adventure sports and joy rides to make it a must visit event for the juvenile.

A special atmosphere is created in the Mela space. It is divided into various zones. The lavishness of elements from Creation, growth, and music will emphasize the Mela surrounding. Environment-friendly e-toilets had also been set up inside the Mela premises, in extension to the traditional toilets. A total ban on the plastic/polythene bags inside the Mela premises. Mementos such as Mugs, neckwear, key rings Sunshades, fridge magnets, coasters & decorative plates are also available for sale on affordable titles.

In 2013, the fair was enhanced to an International Level and was rechristened as ‘28th Surajkund International Crafts Mela’. During 2014 festival, over 15 countries from European & African continents took part in the Mela including SAARC nations. In the upcoming Surajkund International Crafts Mela, over 20 countries are expected to participate.

The theme gets displayed in the construction of the ambiance and its accessories. Aloof from being a design and handicraft fair, Surajkund Mela also proposes a perspicacity into the gorgeous summit and mix of distinct culture and traditions on the mystical home of India.

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