Jaisalmer Desert Festival – Cause we all Have a heart for Desert

Indian tourism industry which is gaining best reputation and immense popularity throughout the world encourages the entry of international tourists and provides the much-needed accommodation, transportation, and food supplies. People those who like age-old traditions like music, drama and festival step into India to witness varieties of music and cultural festivals that are conducted annually in ancient caves, temples, and natural settings. Globe trotters, legendary musicians, music lovers and others those give maximum respect to ancient cultures of India make it a point to visit the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan to witness one of the grand desert festivals that happens every year here. Jaisalmer desert festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and becoming one of the best crowd pullers.

It is worth to note that this festival was started several years back only to attract foreign tourists but in the course of time this event has become one of the rich Indian festivals. Hundreds of people step into Sam Sand Dunes which is several kilometers away from Jaisalmer to witness this colorful event which is held for three days in the month of February every year. Camels are not just beasts of burden and in order to give maximum respect to these humble and hardworking animals the organizers will adorn colorful traditional costumes, jewelry, and other ornaments and showcase these spectacular animals in the limelight. Visitors will get an opportunity to watch some unique traditional events like the moustache, turban tying, and camel racing.

Watching the Moustache Event Will be an Unexplainable Joy

Individuals those who have come from other countries will be enthralled to watch folk songs, music and dance played by the local artists. Turban tying event is performed not only to showcase the castes, religions, and beliefs of Rajasthan but also to showcase the rich tradition and heritage of the state. Villagers, elders, urbanites, locales and other affluent people also come to Jaisalmer to witness the festival with the happy heart. This extraordinary function is organized by Rajasthan Tourism and anyone can watch this colorful event free-of-cost since there is no ticket issued at the venue. The Hot Thar Desert which is one of the longest deserts in the world will brim with colorful lightings, stages, and other decorations till the three day long programs culminate successfully.

Individuals will get a rare chance to witness traditional Rajasthan folk music and dances that are performed by senior folklore artist. After witnessing all these events with great joy the tourists can visit Jaisalmer fort which is one of the most ancient forts that was built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 CE. It is worth to note that this fort is now UNESCO world heritage site and enjoys international recognition. Local artisans, craftsman, pottery makers and other agriculturists will sell traditional ornaments, jewelry, clothes, apparels, potteries and other works of attracting and the demand for these products will rise during these three-day festivals. Tourists and others those who throng to this festival will buy tons of handicrafts products from the local sellers and take them to their homes with utmost joy.

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