Chandra Bhaga Fair : A Festival of Devotees, Pilgrims

Indian tourism industry which supports eco-tourism sees the increase in international tourists during important celebrations, ceremonies and cultural festivals. People those who admire India’s rich ancient and traditional dance, drama and music festivals make it a point to step into this country and witness all these cultural events with extreme happiness. There are international tourists those who stay in India for several months and watch several important festivals that are conducted in different states. The travel throughout the country and watch the cultural festivals with joy. One such important festival which attracts thousands of tourists once in a year is Chandra Bhaga Fair, Orissa. Pilgrims, executives, statesmen, politicians, villagers, and tourists enter into the state of Orissa several days before the start of this important festival which falls in the month of February.

The other name for Chandra Bhaga Fair is Magha Sukla Saptami and is being observed on the seventh day of the new moon of Magha month. On this wonderful day, thousands of people will rise early in the morning and dip into the holy river namely chan drab agha river before the sun rises. It is believed that this holy dip will relieve them from a curse and other astrological problems. People flock this temple to celebrate the new birth of Sun God. The devotees, pilgrims, and others will pray Surya deva sincerely and seek his blessings. Visitors to Konark temple will have lots of fun and entertainment and enjoy the whole day happily with their families and friends.

Second Largest Festival in The State of Orissa

Tourists from different parts of India and the world assemble here to witness the glory of the sun and cultural activities that happen during Chandra Bhaga Fair. Chandra Bhaga Fair is considered as the second largest festival after Car festival of Puri. Even though the Sun temple Konark is ruined it stands as a testimony of architectural brilliance. There have been several theories for the collapse of Sanctorum and archeologists and historians are unable to come to the proper conclusion on this subject. But as per the copper plates and the references that are made on Ain-i-Akbari states that the temple was in good condition until the 16th century. Visitors and pilgrims can find several beautifully sculpted and carved idols of a sun god, Maya Devi temple, wheels, horses and Lord Narasimha. They will also find a plate declaring Konark to be a world Heritage site.

Tourists will like this panoramic temple which enjoys heritage status and also the art and cultural festivals that are conducted during the day. Folk singers, Odissi dancers, and other music exponents will showcase their talents during this day and keep the audience happy. It is said that this grand chan drab agha festival has been celebrating on behalf of a story that Shambhu, Sri Krishna’s son was suffered from Leprosy, so the Sun god has cured him. This grand festival is celebrated to honor the Sun God. People with skin ailments and other health problems may come out of them when they take a holy dip here during this particular day. Tourists and others those who like buying Indian handicrafts and other works out will purchase several handmade products from the nearby stalls in Chandra Bhaga Fair.

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